Version 01.00.21
Date Created: 12/29/2011 DotNetNuke 5,6 :
  1. Added: Supports Googles approach to distinguish pages of different locales
    Read more about rel="alternate" hreflang="x"
    new property: AddAlternateLink - true|false, default:true

Tested in DNN 05.06.03, DNN 06.01.02 and LocalizationExtensions.1.38
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  1. This module Localization Extensions 1.38 must be installed.


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DotNetNuke Module "LE_Laborion_LanguageSelector" Addon to "Localization Extensions"


If you use content localization solution "Localization Extensions"  , for switching to similar (associative) language page (without dropping to home page) you can use module "LE_Laborion_LanguageSelector", including language selector control and its management.
Management includes:

  1. Change of native names and order of languages
  2. Management of associative pages sets

Module install

Installed same as module LocalizationExtensions  , i.e. after installing you put it on any page and then can use "Add to Admin Menu" option to add as admin point menu .

Adding Control to Skin

Open your skin for editing ( .ascx )  and find instructions 
<%@ Register ...
and add a new one
<%@ Register TagPrefix="LE" Namespace="Adequation.DNN.LocalizationExtensions.Laborion" Assembly="Adequation.DNN.LocalizationExtensions.Laborion" %>

Further you can put the language selector into the place you want
<LE:Laborion_LanguageSelector id="Laborion_LanguageSelector" runat=server />
(If you use DNN language selector (<dnn:LANGUAGE..) then you replace it)

Also you can set properties :

  1. LanguageLabelCssClass - CSS Class for language label ("Language: ")
  2. LanguageLinkCssClass - CSS Class for language link
  3. SelectedLanguageLinkCssClass - CSS Class for selected (current) language link
  4. Separator - Languages separator
  5. HasSelectedLanguageLink - Has the selected language the link ? "true" , "false" (default:false)
  6. AreCountryFlagsToBeUsed - Are Country's Flags To Be Used ? "true" , "false" (default:false)
  7. IsSelectedLanguageViewed - Is the selected language viewed ? "true" , "false" (default:"true")
  8. AddAlternateLink - Do add Google link alternate: rel="alternate" hreflang="x" ? "true" , "false" (default:"true")

<LE:Laborion_LanguageSelector id="Laborion_LanguageSelector" LanguageLinkCssClass="user" Separator="&nbsp;|&nbsp;" runat=server />


After control is set to skin you can begin to manage it by opening the "LE Laborion LanguageSelector" configuration page with simple interface.

Example 1

Example 2

If you have questions you ask them here => Support

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