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    At first loading of ASP.NET site, all code (open code and dlls) is being read from disk and compiled into working process w3wp.exe, which may take much time.
And if our site is at hoster, then ~20 minutes later, if there is no activity, then this process unloads and then visiting site again it will be created again.
To prevent this you can use service of visits imitation, one of which I suggest at my site and also module itself with the help of which you can create such serviсe at your site.
Download Module LabOrion.KeepAliveSites, Releases:
Version 01.01.08
Date Created: 09.03.11 DotNetNuke 5,6 :
  1. DNN 6 supported

Tested in DNN 05.06.03, DNN 06.00.01
If you have questions you ask them here => Support

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